We've been in a Euro frenzie, got Wimbledon mania and are gearing up to Olympic levels of sports fanaticism. And if all this has whetted your appetite for a taste of competitive sport yourself, we can help. Some might join the mid-life crisis club and take up Triathalon but for an instant buzz with a sport you love, let's get serious about pool.  

1. Pop to your local

Honestly, this is part of your training now. Pubs will always be the unofficial home of pool in the UK thanks to an unrivalled combination of competitive atmosphere, a professional quality table to play on and refreshment on tap for the thirsty sportsman. We supply and maintain well over one hundred pub pool tables in the West Midlands alone, each establishment diligently visited by Mike on a regular basis to check on all three of these vital success factors... And if you thought playing pool in a pub meant being hidden away in a dark back room then think again. For many landlords, the pool table is at the heart of the pub's social scene. You'll probably find a really keen landlord will host a specific pool night with discounted play at the table or food during the evening provided - definitely worth checking out.

mates playing pool

2. Get playing at home

The ultimate way to bring it home... We can't deny, we just love the home pool table. It's the height of convenience, specced to your exacting requirements, and is a sociable thing to add to your home. Plus, you can be getting some games in while still keeping an eye on the tv for what's happening in the sporting outside world. If you want to bring the nostalgia of the classic pub table home, then we have a great range of professional standard players' pool tables, to all of which you can add your own spin. For something designed to reuse an existing dining space in your home, a pool dining table is the answer. These beautiful, adaptable tables will also keep your significant other happy if there is concern that you home might end up looking like the pub... 

Winning at pool

3. Set up some friendly matches

It's time to test your skills and what better way than with a bit of healthy competition. Whether in the pub or at home, you can set up a pool ladder that runs over the course of a month (or few months) with a final winner reaching the top after playing all others. For a quicker resolution, set up a night of short, quick games (even timed!) that challenge your abilities at pace. Keep a note of the scores and you can track your improvement over time.

Home pool tournament

4. Join a team!

Pool teams are nearly always crying out for new recruits and offer a great way to play regular matches, get some training to improve your standard of play, and get to know fellow players. Local leagues at a town or city level are hugely popular and don't require you to venture too far afield. However, there's scope to aim high in this sport: The English Pool Association runs and maintains the National squads of male, female, under 23s, seniors and junior players that represent England in all international matches, as well as organising the National Inter-County and National Inter-League for players who want to play above the local league level. So, to get one step closer to a medal hanging round your neck join a team. 

Join a pool team