In case you didn't know, Sunday 19th June is Father's Day! Hurray for dads! You've still got time to pick him up some lovely pool related bits and bobs to show him how much you care.

1. Splash out on a super-flashy cue

Because Dads are heros, splash out on the Warrior Three Section 8 Ball Pool Cue from top cue makers, Peradon. This is a seriously beautiful cue, British made with kiln dried, North American Ash and and exotic Ebony. Once the ash has passed a rigorous straightness test (a warped cue will not improve his skills), it is turned and carefully spliced with the ebony before further blue and red veneers are spliced into the butt section of the cue to make it extra stunning. It then gets sanded and finished A LOT for a silky smooth finish on the cue. It's an incredibly precise and skilled process that we've just condensed into two lines but put one of these in Dad's hands on Sunday and he will definitely feel the love.

The Warrior is priced £150 and you can find out more about it here

2. A knockout set of pool balls

These championship pool balls really are the business. Unlike standard polyester-made balls, these beauties from Aramith are made using a phenolic resin that gives them exceptional resistance to impact. In fact they are 50 times more resistance to impact that standard balls so that they last five times longer! So clever is this stuff that Saluc, who make Aramith pool balls in Belgium, have their own chemical plant to manufacture it. These pool balls have a whole heap of additional benefits, including perfect balance, reduced wear on the cloth and perfect rebound but we think they are also just really great looking. A more modest investment than a pool cue at £65 - but what a present. You will definitely get Favourite Child status with these.

3. A very smart triangle

Move aside plastic triangle and make way for this beauty. At just £15 this gorgeous table accessory punches well above its weight asthetically and is a fabulous present for the pool loving dad who has pretty much everything (it looks great with the Aramith pool balls...) It's designed to rack up a full set of 15 two inch pool balls and will last a lifetime. 

4. Update his table cloth to something stunning

We understand, he loves pool and he's already got all the beautiful kit. So how about this... Because we have our own team of fitters and polishers at Kingswood one of the services we offer for around £100 is fitting of a brand new cloth to your existing table. Just call us and we can arrange to come out and fit the cloth at a time that suits (it could even be a surprise). This not only refreshes the look of the table but will up game play considerably, make it faster and the pool balls more responsive. We are huge fans of the Hainsworth cloths; Among their many markets the company supply fabrics to the fashion and interiors sectors, to the military for ceremonial uniforms, to Parliament for furnishings in The Wool Sack, the seat of the Lord Speaker in the House of Lords and now your dad's pool table. There are 2 grades of cloth available, depending on whether you prefer the English game or the faster US game, and they are available in over 20 colours so there's bound to be something that will go with the decor in his Man Cave. Find out more here

5. The Ultimate

Ok, this is it, our top suggestion for a brilliant, pool player's present. If your Dad has a pool table, how about pimping it to fit a theme? Does he love a particular football team? Is he a car fanatic? If you've got an idea then we can make it a reality by customising both the table cabinet and the cloth to fit the vision. We did just that for one Ferrari fan and gave the table cabinet a high gloss finish and printed a Ferrari themed logo onto the cloth. The effect was stunning. You are going to need Dad's co-operation for this one as our team would have to come and take the table away for a short time but he'd be getting back a complete original. We're pretty confident that our team can create anything you have in mind so find out more about what we can do here.

...Which is going to be significantly cheaper than the alternative...

The Ferrari Spider