Following on from our family pool dining tables time lapse, we wanted to dig a little deeper into what makes the pool table such a great addition to a family home. It’s undeniably good fun - we had an absolute blast filming - but we also loved the way it brought us together, gave a purpose to our evening and left us with a general sense of time well spent. So we’ve looked around at how others feel about their home pool tables too and come up with our top 4 reasons why the pool table is such a super star for all the family.

1. Everyone can play

We’ve said this before in relation to pool tables in the workplace, but pool is a truly democratic sport. Everyone can play the game to some level and have a great time, regardless of sex, age or fitness. Our youngest player (aged 3) may have spent more time stabbing round the ball than actually hitting it, but he thoroughly enjoyed being involved, taking his turn and getting some tutelage from his grandfather. They both proved that you don’t have to be an athlete or even have great hand-eye coordination to get something out of the game!

2. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family

Where gadgets, mobile devices and our full online lives can create ever more isolation from each other in the real world, the pool table draws the generations together with very little effort on your part and strengthens family bonds. Indeed, a recent study strongly suggests that the social stimulus of playing pool in a group is an extremely strong and positive experience. As your children get into their teens the pool table can provide often much-needed neutral territory to spend time with parents without making a big event of it and even become a focus for their social life too, encouraging your teens to spend time with friends in a safe environment rather than out and about. Get a pool dining table and you can keep it social at the heart of the house rather than tucked away in a garage or games room.

Pool is a great way to spend time together as a family

3. It gives a fun focus to a social occasion

As a game, pool only gets better when more people get involved so it’s the ideal way to entertain your dinner guests, make family occasions goes with a swing, or just spend a relaxed evening with friends. In short, it’s a sure fire way to see your kudos as a host sky-rocket. Plus your pocket will welcome the rewards of these thrifty but fun evenings socialising with friends and family at home as a norm rather than spending a fortune to go out.

A pool table is a great addition to a social occasion

4. It improves your life skills

This is the biggie for us… The benefits of the game that we have been sub-consiously enjoying for years have now caught the attention of the scientists who have proven the link between the skills you develop playing pool and those needed in life.

For example, a game of pool requires and fosters great focus and concentration if you are to out-play your opponent: hitting your target depends on the cue angle, the direction of travel of the ball once hit, and the effects if that ball hits another, all of which must be weighted up before taking a shot. In executing a good shot that pots balls and strengthens your position for the next shot you are strategising, problem-solving, visualising and improvising on the fly in response to the many and various table layouts that each break brings. This is phenomenal brain training!

While smartphones, apps, and computer games capitalise on and encourage a short attention span and constant need for stimulus, pool encourages us all to play the long game thoughtfully and rewards those who do with success.

These benefits are of massive significance to all. Yet our children, who we particularly encourage to think creatively and intelligently, get little exposure to the game since most public tables are located in pubs. The only way to foster a love for the game and take advantage of these brain-growing benefits is to get a pool table for your home.

Playing pool improves your life skills

So there we have it - the fruits of our own experience playing pool as a family, backed up with some proper science if you needed it. Do you have a pool dining table at home that's a focus of fun for your family? Post a picture on our Facebook page! We’d always love getting pictures of people enjoying our favourite game.