A 6 foot pool table is the ideal solution for the enthusiastic player who's a little short on room for a full 7 foot table. Made with exactly the same attention to detail and quality materials as the 7 footers, these tables offer an exceptional level of play that can be fast and exhilarating with power behind the cue. Plus, we've got a range of designs to suit - from out and out player's tables that are ideal for a garage or smaller games room, to our own range of sleekly beautiful pool dining tables, the Aspen and the Kingwood Oak, for the family home. Check out the room size guide video here to see if a 6ft table might be the solution without knocking down any walls!

The Kingswood Oak

We've been overwhelmed by the popularity of our Kingswood Oak Pool Dining Table since we launched the 7 foot model at the beginning of the year! Now available in a 6 foot version, the Kingswood Oak continues to offer a winning combination of professional quality play and contemporary looks that our customers love. And at 6ft by 3ft in size, the Oak is perfectly proportioned to replace a family dining table so that you can switch from playing time to meal times without ever leaving the social heart of your home. Like its 7ft big brother, the 6ft table comes with our fabulous accessories pack and hard covers, delivery and installation included in the price as standard, plus beautiful matching 6ft bench seating that tucks neatly underneath available to order. We think we just fell in love all over again...
Kingswood Oak 6ft pool dining table
The Aspen Pool Dining Table

The Aspen Pool Dining Table

Our stunning Kingswood Aspen, high gloss white pool dining table is also now available in a 6 foot model. Like the Kingswood Oak, this table is our own exclusive design, honed to be the perfect player's table but with the kind of show-stopping good looks you want to put front and centre in your home. We are unashamedly fanatical about the design details and finish of any table bearing our name and so for us the fluid, almost seamless exterior of this table just beyond beautiful. And it's incredibly practical too - just wipe it over and marks lift straight off. Matching benches area available to order separately to complete the look but you'll find accessories, hard covers, your choice of Hainsworth cloth, plus delivery and installation all included in the price.
The Aspen Pool Dining Table

Yours from under £850...

If you've got an empty room or garage then we've got the perfect 6 foot table for your budget. We only stock models that offer fantastic standards of play, design, and value and our range starts at £850 for a player's table delivered and installed. If space is really at a premium then just give us a call and we can even adjust your accessories pack to include a suitable selection of cue lengths to help you take even those awkward corner shots. The Omega is the perfect example of a player's table that looks great, plays well and only needs a modest space to allow you to get playing at home but we've lots more colours and styles to suit. So, there's no excuse now not to clear a few boxes!
6ft pool tables from under £800

Get inspired

Nearly all our pool tables are available as 6ft versions so to help you pick the right look we put our favourite designs through their paces in different settings...

Pool dining tables for family spaces

Family Space

Our favourite family-friendly pool dining tables that are robust enough to stand up to serious amounts of fun (and all available in 6 foot models).
Affordable but stylish pool dining tables

First Home

These stylish but affordable pool dining tables ensure both fun and eye appeal are at the heart of your new home together.
Pool tables for your man cave

Man Cave

This look book is about escapism and creating the pool table of your dreams. Whether your Man Cave is a panelled billiards room or a garage, we got some inspiring looks that everyone will love.

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