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If your passion is pool, then you’ve come to the right place for the Man Cave’s ultimate indulgent toy. And where better to start than with a design that redefined the pool table. The stunning Blacklight from Billards Toulet is a modern masterpiece. Each table is unique, individually numbered and made to exacting standards to create the signature pleasing curves and lighter than air mesh structure on which the slate seems to float. Configured to entirely your own specification, the Blacklight's heart-stopping good looks will wow in any space, whether a luxurious games room or at the centre of your bachelor pad.
Billards Toulet Blacklight pool table from Kingwood
customised pool tables for your man cave or games room

Perfectly engineered

The Man Cave should be a reflection of you so go full throttle with a customised pool table to perfectly match the theme or the other boys toys in the Cave. That’s exactly what we did for this motoring fan. We took a Fusion pool table from our standard range and applied a high gloss red finish to the cabinet and a custom printed cloth, to stunning effect. At Kingswood we have our own team of polishers, cabinet makers and cloth fitters on hand who have decades of experience creating dream pool tables. So if you have an idea then we can help make it a reality.
customised pool tables for your man cave or games room

Design your own table

If you are looking for something that can't be bought off the shelf then speak to us about a completely unique, bespoke pool or snooker table. We work with you to create the ideal table design based on your style, interior setting, and playing requirements before our team of craftsmen then take over to make that dream a reality. We pride ourselves on using only the best materials so that you are guaranteed not just a premium finish but a perfect game.
bespoke pool table design
Omega free play pool table with Hainsworth smart cloth in powder blue

A modest investment. Maximum impact.

If you want a pool table installed in your man cave ready to play as quickly as possible then a table from our standard range is the ideal. However, give it a twist with the addition of a Hainsworth Smart or Elite Pro cloth for just £100. Our unique table builder will allow you to experiment with all combinations of finish and cloth, and with over 20 cloth colours in each range there's bound to be one to fit the theme of your room. We fit all cloths ourselves so adding this little bit of customisation won't impact on delivery times, guaranteed.
Omega free play pool table with Hainsworth smart cloth in powder blue

Professional Accessories Pack

Take your game to the next level with our accessories pack. Kingswood are unique in providing an unbeatable collection of superior quality accessories as standard when you purchase any pool table. Our selection includes four cues in your choice of lengths, two rests, a solid wood triangle, a brush and a professional set of pool balls to complement your table. Plus you can also browse our full accessories catalogue for those must have extras to furnish your man cave in style.
Professional pool accessories as standard from Kingwood

Shop the look

Find out more about the tables that featured in this look book.

Blacklight designer pool table by Toulet
A complete one off. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury then the Blacklight pool table from Billards Toulet is the only choice for you.
Fusion pool dining table
Our fully customised table is a Fusion under the bonnet with a custom finish. There are a host of finishes out of the box as standard but it is the ideal table to customise further. Start dreaming now…
Omega free play pool table in dark walnut with banker's grey cloth
Want to see more like this? We've put together a collection of tables just for the boys, inspired by the Man Cave.

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