• 7ft Outback Free Play Pool Table in White with Standard Green cloth delivered and installed - £1,275.00
  • 7ft Outback Free Play Pool Table in White with Standard Green cloth delivered and installed - £1,275.00
  • 7ft Outback Free Play Pool Table in White with Standard Green cloth delivered and installed - £1,275.00

7ft Outback
Free Play Pool Table

Cabinet Finish:
Cloth Colour:
Standard Green
Table Cost
Delivery & Installation
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Standard Cloths
Standard Green

Standard Green

Standard Black

Standard Black

Standard Red

Standard Red

Standard Blue

Standard Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro (Speed Cloth)
Hainsworth Elite Pro Orange

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Orange

Hainsworth Elite Pro Bright Red

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Bright Red

Hainsworth Elite Pro Red

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Red

Hainsworth Elite Pro Burgundy

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Burgundy

Hainsworth Elite Pro English Green

Hainsworth Elite-Pro English Green

Hainsworth Elite Pro American Green

Hainsworth Elite-Pro American Green

Hainsworth Elite Pro Purple

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Purple

Hainsworth Elite Pro Fuchsia

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Fuchsia

Hainsworth Elite Pro Powder Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Powder Blue

Hainsworth Elite Pro Electric Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Electric Blue

Hainsworth Elite Pro Petrol Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Petrol Blue

Hainsworth Elite Pro Royal Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Royal Blue

Hainsworth Elite Pro Cadet Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Cadet Blue

Hainsworth Elite Pro Bankers Grey

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Bankers Grey

Hainsworth Elite Pro Charcoal

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Charcoal

Hainsworth Elite Pro Marine Blue

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Marine Blue

Hainsworth Elite Pro Olive

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Olive

Hainsworth Elite Pro Camel

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Camel

Hainsworth Elite Pro Spruce

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Spruce

Hainsworth Elite Pro Black

Hainsworth Elite-Pro Black

Table Features

  • Marine plywood weather proofed cabinet finish
  • Tournament standard slate
  • Robust table construction suitable for public use

What's Included

  • 2 x 57" cues
  • 2 x 48" cues
  • Set of 2" Aramith red and yellow pool balls
  • 1 x Cross rest
  • 1x Spider rest
  • Triangle
  • A table brush
  • Foam cleaner
  • A pack of 6 chalk blocks
  • A set of 10 spare cue tips


7 Foot
2095 mm
1180 mm
825 mm
300 kg
Playing area
1930 x 910 mm

About the Outback Free Play Pool Table

  • Outback Free Play Pool Table with electric blue cloth
  • Outback Free Play Pool Table with cover
Outback Free Play Pool Table with electric blue cloth
Outback Free Play Pool Table with cover

The Outback Free Play Pool Table is a robust outdoor option that can be used in both a domestic or commercial environment. Based on the functional Omega the Outback Free Play Pool Table comes in the 7ft option with a White finish. Sitting on four black plastic legs this table is built from marine plywood with a high pressure laminate exterior to ensure it can withstand the outdoor environment and the stresses of a busy venue.

Like all other tables in the range the Outback Free Play Pool Table comes with a slate bed and fast response cushions. This table can be fitted with a napless cloth from the standard Kingswood range or for a further choice of colours from the Hainsworth Elite Pro range, these napless cloths stand up to the outdoor environment whilst still ensuring a good quality of play. If space is at a premium in your inside space this table is a great option for any outdoor space.

Delivery & Installation


A pool table weighs over 200Kg, it requires careful and skilled manovering and installation to avoid damage and personal injury. We have been building and installing tables for many years and it is for this reason that delivery and installation (ground floor only) come as standard. When you buy a table from Kingswood it will be delivered and installed by members of our team who have the experience to ensure the table is set up ready for precise and rewarding game play.

Please note that our delivery and installation prices are based on mainland UK locations. We can deliver to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Cornwall but due the additional travel time from our West Midlands base an extra delivery charge may apply. Drop us a line for an accurate quote if you think this may be the case.

International Delivery: We have experience in the logistics of exporting pool tables around the world. Most recently we have delivered tables to Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss international delivery.

Build on site: If required and arranged in advance we can arrive with the table in its component parts so that we can build on site if access to the locate where the table is to be set up is particularly tricky. If you are considering a pool table and have a special requirement then why not give us a call to chat through the logistics.

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