If your perfect table exceeds the standard options then you've come to the right people. Our creative team of fitters, cabinet makers, painters and polishers create stunning pool tables with the wow-factor. Any table in the range can be customised to your spec so whether you have a specific cloth colour in mind, would like a logo or design printing, or can envisage a specific cabinet colour or finish, we can help. We also design and build one-off, bespoke pool tables when something extra special is required.


There is nothing run of the mill about our fabulous red gloss Fusion pool table. We regularly create one-offs like this to match a specific interior scheme or branding and now we've put together a collection of table models that are the ideal jumping off point for your own dream table. Pricing may vary depending on the exact look you want to achieve but for a surprisingly modest investment you can achieve high impact. Every project is unique so, if you are looking for something extraordinary, have a look at our Customisation Collection and then call us. We want to ensure that your table looks as fabulous in real life as it does in your imagination so we personally guide the process to ensure the perfect finish.
Pool tables for customisation
Pool table custom cloth printing

Make your mark

Printing a logo, design or other branding onto the table cloth is a simple but striking way of personalising your table. Send us your design as a jpeg and we will print it onto your chosen napless cloth before professionally fitting it to the table. This option is particularly popular with sports bars, for corporate recreation areas and with the military as well as anyone with a passion for a brand. To order a custom printed cloth, select your table model from our range and then add custom cloth printing when configuring the table in our Table Builder. Or, if you already have a pool table, we can fit a custom cloth as part of our reclothing service. Bear in mind that in some instances you may require permission from the brand owner before we can print, although this is not normally an issue when the table is intended for private use. If you have any concerns, just call us.
Pool table custom cloth printing


When we began supplying pool tables to the pub trade 40 years ago, we built the tables ourselves in our own workshops. Today many of the tables are machine manufactured, but we still offer a bespoke design and build service for our clients who are looking for a table that is utterly their own. We work with only the best materials and the most skilled cabinet makers to create inspiring results. So whether you have a design in mind or would like to work through the design process with us, we can help.
bespoke pool table design

Start the journey to your perfect table

Any table in our range can be customised with a unique cloth but those in our Customisation Collection are ideally suited to full customisation so you can really let your imagination run wild...

Fusion Pool Dining Table for customisation

Fusion Pool Diner

Our feature customised table, the Fusion is a perfect vehicle to show off the results of adventurous customisation. The plain cabinet sides can take a variety of paint, fabric or metal finishes with ease while the aluminium legs compliment well a modern look. What's more, the Fusion is a pool dining table so you can allow this beautiful and versatile table to take centre stage in your home. If you do, you'll find it incredibly robust and a very comfortable table at which to eat. We just love it.
Avant Garde Pool Dining Table for customisation

Avant Garde Pool Diner

The Avant Garde has a head start in the design stakes with confident, slightly angular styling that makes this a statement table even before you add a little imagination... Much like the Fusion, the plain cabinet panels are ideal to display your chosen finish or effect. Add this table in a black or white high gloss finish to a modern, open plan living space and you will be wowed.
Windsor Pool Dining Table for customisation

Windsor Pool Diner

The Windsor has a nod to a traditional pool table in the detailing on the corners but it is otherwise a very simple, clean design that has enduring appeal. It fits seamlessly into many room schemes, hence it's popularity. With customisation, we think the table's gentle clash of the modern and the classic could be emphasised to look rather retro within a design led home or business.
Emirates free play pool table for customisation

Emirates Free Play

This free play table has much in common styling-wise with the Windsor but with extra cabinet depth to allow for an integrated ball return system with white ball divider. This is an out and out player's table, ideal for a games room, and those deep sides are crying out to show off a custom finish. A high gloss finish, custom paint effect, or even leather would work well on this table.
Monarch Fusion Free Play pool table for customisation

Monarch Fusion Free Play

This free play Fusion has the same clean lines and stunning aluminium legs as the Fusion pool diner but with a deeper cabinet for the integrated ball return system and white ball divider. Gloss paint effects work brilliantly with the metal so that the whole table catches the light. This very modern table is ideal for a high-spec games room (or Man Cave.)

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