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We take pride in ensuring our customers get a pool table that is ideally suited to their location. Kingswood started by supplying tables to the pub trade so we know that business and community environments demand pool tables that are both fun and robust. New models, such as the Elite and Omega, and reconditioned pool tables such as the Imperial, Mayfair, Supreme Winner, and Supreme Prince, are all ideal in public spaces. With a range of pool tables that have been built to last and a professional installation service included it is no wonder we have been supplying organisations such as the NHS, Prison Service, BBC, Oxford University, RAF & countless others for forty years.
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Reconditioned pub pool tables

Reconditioned Pool Tables

If your organisation needs a pool table quickly and cost-effectively then a model from our continually changing stock of reconditioned pool tables may be the answer. These tables undergo a thorough reconditioning process and are supplied with brand new luxury Kingswood accessories yet are available at a considerable discount compared to a new model. All of our reconditioned pool tables have come from a commercial environment so they have been built to last and have many more years of use ahead of them. Furthermore, all of our reconditioned tables have the option of being coin operated or free play, depending on the your requirements.
Reconditioned pub pool tables

Business Branding and customisation

If you are purchasing a pool table for a corporate setting, we go the extra mile to provide tables with the wow factor. Depending on budget, we stock a beautiful collection of pool tables from the traditional and well-loved player's tables, to clean contemporary models, to out and out works of art. All offer the robustness you need in a public setting and a range of customisation options available to reflect your corporate branding. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and find out how Kingswood can create a stand out table for a stand out brand.
Business Branding and customisation
Ongoing Pool Table Service and Maintenance

Ongoing Service and Maintenance

We understand that when a pool table is in a public space things can go wrong; A cloth may get ripped or a coin mechanism jammed. When we sell a pool table the relationship does not end on the day of delivery. We are always on the end of the phone to advise with issues and offer a full re-clothing and maintenance service, carried out by our own in-house team, should you need it. If you are currently in possession of a table that's seen better days we can sometimes offer part exchange too in order to help you upgrade to a newer model.
Ongoing Pool Table Service and Maintenance

Our Recommendations

These pool tables are ideally suited to a public space but do contact us for further suggestions or to discuss your specific requirements.

Omega Free Play Pool Table

Omega Free Play

Another player's favourite, why not bring the same standard of table you are used to in the pub home with the Omega free play pool table, available in 6ft or 7ft sizes. Sitting on four durable plastic legs the Omega Free Play Table comes in five standard finishes Black, Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Oak and White with Kingswood customisation options available too.
Elite Free Play Pool Table

Elite Free Play

The Elite Free Play pool table encapsulates what most people first think of when they visualise a pool table. Practical and robust in design with tournament standard play, it is no surprise that the Elite is one of the most popular in the free play range. The Elite comes in five standard finishes (Walnut, Dark Walnut, Oak, Black, and White) but is ideal for customisation.
Supreme Winner Reconditioned Pool Table

Reconditioned Supreme Winner Ex-Pub Pool Table

A player's table through and through, the Supreme Winner is the preferred table for many English pool leagues and major championship events. It can also claim endorsement from the World 8 Ball Federation and UK Pool Tour. If you are looking for a tournament standard table that can withstand any amount of wear and tear, this is the table for you.
Reconditioned Superleague Imperial Ex-Pub Pool Table

Reconditioned Superleague Imperial Ex-Pub Pool Table

The Imperial Pool table has now been in production for over twelve years, and whilst the key elements of the design have remained unchanged, modern materials have been used to bring this classic table very much up to date. Its 5inch top frame (the widest of any made) supports the unique Superleague cushion fixings, giving the table one of the best ball response ratings of any Pool table. The Imperial Pool table is without doubt the most famous, and possibly the best playing table in the UK today.
Reconditioned Mayfair Ex-Pub Pool Table

Reconditioned Mayfair Ex-Pub Pool Table

The Mayfair table includes polished Brass corner plates, as well as Brass detailing on the solidly constructed turned legs. The full depth cabinet (with skirt) provides a slimline appearance. The reconditioned Mayfair Pool table is fitted with a precision ground 3/4 Italian slate bed, offering superb ball control - this is fully reclothed, and will play absolutely as new.

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